Personally, my Irish soul

My second home is and always will be Ireland. The Emerald island. Sheep. Rain, always. People, which could not be more friendly. Music, all over the place. In Ireland, I went through moments in which background music was played, for real. Like in a film. A great one. I remind you of “Once” or the Klischee tragedy “P.S. I love you”.

Home is where your heart is. Definitely, Ireland. 
Cattle. Yes, it seems there are more cows around than sheep. 
Father Ted is an institution in Ireland. I have never really understood the jokes, but I traveled to the place where it was shot. 
Mid-Western parts of Ireland around The Burren.
Green grass, small houses and water. This is Ireland. Too.
Green grass, small houses and water. This is Ireland. Too.

Van Morrison has already sung about how music is healing your soul:

When you hear the music ringin’ in your soul, and you feel in your heart, it grows and grows. It came from the backstreet Rock and Roll And the healing has begun. That’s where it come from man.

_The Healing Has Begun, Van Morrison

The Irish lifestyle accompanied me in the last ten years. I am talking about the “Take it easy” and the mostly incorrectly but comfortable time adjustments like “I’ll be back in a minute” which made me very uncomfortable in the beginning. But I opened up after a while living in Ireland and I could sit back to forget about my own discipline.

Irish music has been part of my life since then. Caladh Nua, for example, is a young Irish band I have listened to in 2014 in Krems, where I used to live. I love diversity in its playfulness and the instruments about Irish music. I am fascinated about the passion to make music. Whenever you enter a pub in Ireland there is live music, maybe a guitar player who sings about life but also appears to be a philosopher talking melancholy. Tradition and habit are consistent in Ireland to live life as it should be: cozy, friendly and usually stressless. “It’s grand” often said when the Irish are happy and well.

I am, in a way, Irish. Maybe not genetically. Maybe not due to my heritage. But by heart.

x, Lucie